Thursday, June 9, 2011

ex 20-23

20.6  thousands...  He refers to those who hate in terms of generations, but seems to count those who love him (unless the thousands refers to the number of generations, but unless there is hyperbole, I don't think there will ever be thousands of generations.)
20.8-11  I always find it curious that this is the longest command.
20.20 Do not fear...  That is an interesting thing to say in this context, even though I understand the point.
21.4  I can see some justification for this, but I'm sorry, this makes not sense to me from a Biblical perspective.
21.29  Wow! That's a pretty severe law.
22.2  So Israel had a "make my day"law.
22.4 double...
22.7  double...
22.9  double...
22.16  So, if she is not a virgin, it doesn't matter?
2.28  It is interesting that these two are put together.
23.2  You shall not follow a crowd to do evil...  Now this is one that every teen hears repeatedly, but usually without the reference.
23.3 Now that I think about it, it would be demeaning and disrespectful to do this.
23.8  blinds...  why bribes are bad.
23.19b  not boil...  This is an interesting one to think about.

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