Monday, October 3, 2011

Numbers 19

19.2 red heifer...
19.6  cedar wood and hyssop and scarlet...   "Cedar wood was not as subject to decay as most other woods and so represented the continuance of life. It was also aromatic when burnt and was probably either the common brown-berried cedar or the Phoenician juniper.* Hyssop stood for purification from corruption, and the priests used it to apply blood, as in the Passover ritual. Scarlet wool symbolized the strong vital energy connected with blood (cf. Lev. 14:6). All of these elements combined to signify all that strengthened life. The person in charge added these elements to the heifer ashes as the heifer was burning."  *The New Bible Dictionary, 1962 ed., s.v. “Trees,” by F. N. Hepper.   --Thomas Constable's Expository Notes on Numbers
19.11  he who touches a dead body...
19.14  when a man dies in a tent...
19.22  whatever the unclean person touches shall be unclean...  rarely the other way around.

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