Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deut 25-32

25.12  your  eye shall not pity...  This is a hard verse, but sometimes a necessary attitude.
26.2  first of all the poduce...
26.13  nor have I forgotten them...  Breaking the command is serious.  Forgetting all about there being one may be even worse.
27.15-26  Cursed is the one...  The common theme in these twelve curses seems to be dishonesty, sneakiness, and treachery.
28.8  all to which you set your hand...  This is not "God helps those who help themselves," but does seem.
28.47  with joy and gladness of the heart...  Not just service, but willing and pleased to be able to serve.  It reminds me of last part of the definition for obedience, "with a happy spirit."
29.29  that we may do...  This seems to indicate that God tells us why on a "need to know" basis.
31.30 the words of this song...  I very creative and effective tool to teaching to the long term memory.
32.20 This verse seems to make perverse and no faith companion terms  Hmmm thinking, thinking.
32.43  provide atonement for the land...  This is an interesting verse since I never thought of inanimate land as needing atoning.  .

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