Monday, January 2, 2012

Gen 3-4

3.1  more cunning...  Hebrew is also translated prudent in Proverbs 12:16; 12:23; 13:16; 14:8; 14:15; 14:18; 22:3; 27:12.  It would be a catchy sermon title, "A Good way to be like the Devil".
3.1  Has God indeed said, You shall not eat of every tree of the garden?...  It starts with questioning what God's character and Words really were.  Focus is turned to what can't be had.
3.3  nor shall you touch it...  Since 3.17 doesn't say this we have to wonder whether Eve is adding something new or if this is something God did say that was not included in 3.17.  
3.4  You will not surely die...   A half truth designed to cause confusion and questions.  God is not the author of confusion.
3.5  For God knows that...  Now questioning God's motives and the nature of His transendence. 
"What the serpent said about Eve being as God was a half-truth. Ironically she was already as God having been made in His image (1:26). She did become like God, or divine beings (Heb. ‘elohim), in that she obtained a greater knowledge of good and evil by eating of the tree. However, she became less like God because she was no longer innocent of sin. Her relationship with God suffered. Though she remained like God she could no longer enjoy unhindered fellowship with God (3:24). The consequent separation from God is the essence of death (2:17)."   --Thomas Constable
3.6  Now when the woman saw...  it was good, pleasant, and desirable. 
3.7  Their eyes were opened...   similar to 3.5, but with different results.
        they knew that they were naked...  Now this one is an interesting one to ponder.  Why had this not occurred to them before?  What exactly about the fallen nature made them uncomfortable with this?  Who were that concerned would see them?  Something had definintely happened and it didn't seem to be a positive development.
3.11  Have you eaten...  This is a curious question coming from the omniscient God.  Definitely some psychology going on here.
3.14 to the serpent...
3.16  to the woman...
3.15  First recorded promise is Bible is the the first one to sin about the first one who would not sin. (unless you would count "you will surely die as a promise")
3.17  to the man...
4.1  Can...
4.2  Able...
4.4   "Abel’s gift is qualified by ‘firstborn,’ the parallel ‘firstfruits’ does not modify Cain’s... Cain’s sacrifice, however, lacks a parallel to ‘fat.’  --Thomas Constable
4.18  Enoch
3.119  Lamech

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