Thursday, May 31, 2012

1 Chronicles 15

15. 17  Heman, Asaph, Ethan...   I wonder if anybody got their feelings hurt when they didn't get picked or if the choice was pretty obvious. I also wonder why the name Asaph has never caught on.  You would think every other music pastor's kid would get that name.
15.18  second rank...  An interesting designation.  Is that kinda like second violin in the orchestra?
15.29  Michal...  I've sometimes wonder why she wasn't part of the precession.
16. 8-36  I assume this was a choir piece because with more than three verses it would have never worked for congregational singing.  It would be to long and with too much content. :o)
16.43  and David returned to bless his house...  Now that one will preach.  It seems to indicate that David didn't just go home because he was done. Rather he had finished is public duties (16.2) and was now able to focus on blessing his house.  What a great going home from work mindset for men to have. (and women, etc.)

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