Sunday, May 20, 2012

2 Peter 2.11-22 Expository Sermon Prep.

1. What is the main theme (or melodic line) of the book in which your text is found?  How does the main theme (or melodic line of the entire book inform the meaning of your specific text?
  • Grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
2. What is the broader context of your text?  How does it inform the meaning of your specific text?
  • 1.19 We have the sure prophetic word...holy men of God were moved by the Holy Spirit. 
  • 2.1-9 False teachers: denying the Lord, covetous ways / reserved for judgment (9b)
  • 3.1-4  The second coming will be questioned by scoffers
3. The structure of the text showing natural breaks for the points you would make.
          I. The Anatomy of the False Teachers  (10b-16)
                             A. Presumptuous Mouth  10b-13a
                             B. Adulteress Eyes 13b-14a
                             C. Covetous Heart 14b-16
          II. The Message of the False Teachers  vv. 17-21
                             A. No substance  17-18
                             B. No Freedom  19
                             C. No Hope     20-21

4. The theme of the text?
  • Description of the carnal and empty false teachers.
5. The main application(s) of the passage.
  • Take heed of alluring false teachers and their carnal ways.
6. How your text relates to the Gospel?
  • Importance of know Christ rather than knowing of Christ.
  • The importance of being grounded in His whole word

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