Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hebrews 2

2.2  a just reward...  An interesting those for those who think the OT Law was extreme and hateful.   I am going to think about this one.
2.11 both He who...  Okay if Dr. Constable is not positive about the antecedent here, I don't feel as bad about struggling to figure it out.
2.14  Being in the flesh seems to be an important part of destroying the Devil.
2.18  has suffered, being tempted...  I have never thought of being tempted as suffering, but it makes sense. 
“Think of it this way—which bridge has undergone the greatest stress, the one that collapses under its first load of traffic, or the one that bears the same traffic morning and evening, year after year?”  ---R. Kent Hughes, 1:86.

Hbr 02.12    Psa 22.22
Hbr 02.13    Psa 18.2
Hbr 02.13    2Sa 22.2
Hbr 02.13    Isa 8.18
Hbr 02.6-8    Psa 8.4-6

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