Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 Chronicles 2-3

2 Chronicles
2.6  who is able to...  This verse reminds me of both God's infinity (and beyond) and inscrutability.  We can't really get our minds around all that He is, but meet Him at the part we understand and worship the whole.
3.10-13  Why four verses on the cherubim?
3.17  on the right hand Jachin ... on the left Boaz...  I wonder if anybody still gives names to pillars in a building (other than after contributors)?
     "Described here are the two pillars set up at the entrance of the Temple, one call Jachin ("He shall establish") and the other Boaz ("in Him is strength").  Like the Syrian shrine descovered at Tell Tainat, Solomon's edifice had two columns that stood within the porico.  Such pillars flanking the main entrance of a temple were common in the first millenniumB.C. in Syria, Phoenicia, and Cyprus.
     In Solomn's Temple, following a common Oriental custom, they bore the distictive names of jachin and Boaz.  It has been convincingly demonstrated that the names of the two columns represented the first words of dynastic oracles taht were ascribed upon them (cf. R. B. Y. Scott, JBL 58 (1939): ff.; and Paul L. Garber, "Reconstructing Soolomon's Tabernacle," BA 14 (Feb. 1951): 8-10). The Jachin formula may have been soething like "Yaweh will establish [yakin] thy throne forever." The boaz oracle, on the other hand, may have run, "In Yahweh the king's strength [bo'az]," or a similar formula."
---Unger's Commentary on the Old Testament (0n 1 Kings 7.15-22), p.580

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