Saturday, June 16, 2012

1 Chronicles 29

29.9  with a loyal heart they had offered willingly to the LORD...   This is a good description of the best attitude for believers giving and expands on the NT concept of a "cheerful giver." 
loyal: שָׁלֵם (šālēm) perfect, whole, full. (adj form of the verb shalam)
willingly:  נָדַב (nādab) make willing, incite. 
29.14  and of Your own we have given You...  An insight into the mindset and thinking of a cheerful giver. 
29.19  And give my son [daughter]  _______ a loyal heart to keep your commandments, and Your testimonies and Your statues, to do all....   I have seen lists of things to pray for your children.  This one should be on the list. 
29.24  and all the sons of King David, submitted themselves...  I love the way Chronicles glosses over the whole coup attempt that prompted Solomon being crowned.

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