Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ecclesiasties 7-12

7.1   a good name...  This concept seems to be implicit in many of the Proverbs, too.
7.3  another truth that is also reinforced in the NT passages like Romans 5, James 1, and 1 Peter 1.
7.8  These proverbs give evidence of much richer meaning if all the connections could be made.
7.21  another good reminder
8.13  I would like to think about the difference between "fear God" and "fear before God" sometime.
9.16  wisdom is better than strength...  especially in light of the fact that your strength usually goes first.
10.8-9   dangers of stated activities. (1) Digging a pit was an activity designed to catch a large animal. With that purpose in mind, the pit was disguised, making it possible that one could stumble into it oneself. (2) When a stone wall was dismantled, or when a breach was made in a wall for a gate, a farmer could unwittingly disturb a snake who had taken up residence among the cool stones. (3) The quarrying of rocks referred to here is probably not that done by professionals, because the other activities are all normal agrarian activities. The verb is used for quarrying but is also used in more general contexts that deal with uprooting or taking something out. Alternatively then, this line could refer to a farmer clearing stones from his field. Injury could come from dropped rocks, hernias or scraped arms. (4) Finally, the dangers inherent in splitting logs are easily recognizable. The axhead could fly off the handle or glance off the wood, resulting in serious injury.     ---Matthews, V. H., Chavalas, M. W., & Walton, J. H. (2000). The IVP Bible background commentary : Old Testament (electronic ed.) (Ec 10:9). Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.
10.17  Feasting for strength is an idea I will have to mull over for a while.
11.8  Romans 8.19-23 
12.1  I think that young people would be well served to ponder the second couplet of this verse as well as the first.

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