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Proverbs 12 Speech and Deeds Part 2

4. Two Subunits on Speech and Deeds (12:1-28)
     (a) The First Subunit (1-14)  Introduction (1-3), Speech and One's Household (4-7), Deeds and Property (8-12), Janus Conclusion: Words and Deeds (13-14)
     (b) The Second Unit (12.15-28) Introduction (15), Wise and Foolish Speech (16-23), Diligent Work and Good speech (24-27), Conclusion (28) 

"Chapter twelve consists of two subunits of proverbs of equal length dealing with speech and deeds (vv. 1-14, 15-28).  Each half begins with an educational aphorism contrasting the teachableness of the wise with the incorrigibility of the fool  (vv. 1-15) to encourage the son to accept the teachings that follow.  Each half concludes with a synthetic proverb--a rare phenomenon in Collection IIA...

Each subunit is divided into partial subunits that commence with an aphorism broadly characterizing the righteous and wicked and is drawn to a conclusion with aphorisms that affirm the permanence of the former and the impermanence of the latter: vv.1-3, 4-7, 8-12 (vv. 13-14 are a concluding janus), and vv. 16-19, 20-23, and 24-28.
       ---Bruce Waltke in NICOT  
Introduction (15)
The way of a fool seems right to him, 
but a wise man listens to advice.
Wise and Foolish Speech (16-23)
16                                    but
A fool                           a prudent man
shows                            overlooks
his annoyance             an insult.
at once,   
17                                             but
A truthful witness           a false witness
gives                                        tells
honest testimony,                lies.  
 18                                      but
Reckless              (2)  of the wise
words                      (1)   the tongue
pierce                              brings
like a sword,                  healing.  
19                                 but
Truthful lips          a lying tongue
endure                        lasts
forever,                      only a moment.  
20                                but
There is                     - - -
deceit                         joy
 in the hearts         - - -
of those who            for those who
plot                            promote
evil,                           peace.  
21                                       but
No harm                    (3)  of trouble.
befalls                        (2)  have their fill
the righteous,           (1)  the wicked  
22                                 but
The LORD                  He
detests                       delights
lying lips,                  in men who are truthful.  
22lying lips... Words. 
22truthful...  Deeds.

23                                 but
- - -                               the heart of
A prudent man         fools
keeps                          blurts out
his knowledge           folly.
to himself,            
23  Notice how the similarity between vv. 16 and 23 fame this section.

Diligent Work and Good speech (24-27)
24                                  but
Diligent hands           laziness
will rule,                      ends in slave labor.  
25                                           but
An anxious heart                a kind word
weighs a man down,          cheers him up.  
26                                           but
                                                the way of 
A righteous man                 the wicked
is cautious                            - - -
in friendship,                       - - -
- - -                                         leads them astray.  
27                                       but
The lazy man                  the diligent man
does not roast                 prizes
his game,                         his possessions. 
Conclusion (28) 
In the way of righteousness         along that path
there is life;                                      is immortality.
28  This a a good word for the person addressed in verses 1 and 15.

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