Thursday, September 20, 2012


1.10  he had told them...  First, how did this come up?  Di Noah walkup and just say, " I'm running from the LORD.  I need a one way ticket to Tarshish," or what?  Anyway, since the others new that he was a follower of the LORD it did open up a good opportunity to share his faith (and disobedience).
2.8  forsake their own Mercy...  This seems to be a name for God which in itself is worth pondering.
3.5  believed God...   Is this conversion believed God or "We better show some remorse so that God doesn't toast us" kind of believe God?
3.9  Who call tell if God...  as opposed to waiting for better terms or a before responding to God.
4.4 & 9  Is is right for you to be angry...  In addition to the other issues in the text/story that this brings up, this is a great question to have in our repertoire of things to think about and work through when we feel our temper rising.       ?

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