Thursday, September 15, 2016

Exodus 2: A Mother's Faith, a Son's Brashness / TBC Men's Study 2016-2017 / Exodus: God Rescues His People.


Working downtown on an engineering maintenance project, the man knew that his friend's wife lay dying in a hospital only four blocks away. But he didn't go to see the woman. Lack of appropriate dress demolished his courage to do something bold in Christ's name. Few of us can brag about how bravely we have responded in crisis. Faith, for us, is a comfortable intellectual exercise, not something that demands bold action. That definition becomes even more attractive when we're not sure how to distinguish between faith and foolishness. This study contrasts a privileged kid's brashness with a woman's courageous faith in action.
Warming Up to God
What has been the most costly thing you have had to do for God?
Discovering the Word
1.     How did God plan for the infant Moses to survive Pharaoh's murderous edict (vv. 1-10)?
2.     What did Moses' survival cost his mother?
3.     Why did Moses flee to Midian (vv. 11-15)? (He was 40 years old at the time.)
4.     Meanwhile, what was happening to the Israelites in Egypt (v. 23)?
5.     How did their condition affect God and why (vv. 24-25)?
Applying the Word
1.     How has God confronted you recently with a demand for courageous faith?
2.     God hears the cries of his people today. What difference does that make when you are confronted by circumstances you are powerless to change?
Responding in Prayer
Ask God to use you in his plans to creatively address the difficult situations in your life.
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2016-2017 Tulsa Bible Church Men’s Bible Study –

For further consideration:
ID: Inductive Questions (Asking the text questions like who, what, where, when, why, & how?”)
CR: Cross References (Comparing Scripture to Scripture, understanding the vague by the clear.)
WS: Word Study (Understanding definition, theological meaning, and usages in other passages.)
1. CR   (2:1-4)  Hebrews 11:23-29 records five “By faith” events from the book of Exodus.  According to Hebrews 11:23, what effect did faith have on Moses’ parents? 

2.  ID (2:23) Is there a difference between sighing and praying?  Have you every prayed prayers that could be best described as “groaning”?

3. WS (2:24-25) In what sense does an omniscient God, remember His covenant?

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