Thursday, September 15, 2016

Exodus 2: A Mother's Faith, a Son's Brashness / TBC Men's Study 2016-2017 / Exodus: God Rescues His People.


Sorry for the inconvenience of not posting the IVP questions.  Intervarsity Press asked that I not repost their study so that it will drive traffic to their site.  Use the link above to access the core questions for this study.

2016-2017 Tulsa Bible Church Men’s Bible Study –

For further consideration:
ID: Inductive Questions (Asking the text questions like who, what, where, when, why, & how?”)
CR: Cross References (Comparing Scripture to Scripture, understanding the vague by the clear.)
WS: Word Study (Understanding definition, theological meaning, and usages in other passages.)
1. CR   (2:1-4)  Hebrews 11:23-29 records five “By faith” events from the book of Exodus.  According to Hebrews 11:23, what effect did faith have on Moses’ parents? 

2.  ID (2:23) Is there a difference between sighing and praying?  Have you every prayed prayers that could be best described as “groaning”?

3. WS (2:24-25) In what sense does an omniscient God, remember His covenant?

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