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'Fri 090327 am 1Chr 5-6

1 Chronicles 5
5.1-10 sons of Reuben There is an interesting note about the birthright and a ruler coming from Judah. No mention of the number of fighters?
5.11-17 the children of Gad
5.18-22 sons of Reuben, the Gadites, and half the tribe of Manasseh 47,760 men
able to bear the sword,
to shoot wit the bow,
and skillful in war,
who went to war.
they cried out to God in battle ... they put their trust in Him ...
They were not just trained, but actually went to war. Too many of us are well trained, but inactive. Then they didn't just go in their own strength but went trusting God and calling out to Him. Today, we often think we have it figured out and don't usually need God's help.
5.23-26 the children of the half-tribe of Mannasseh ... and they were unfaithful to the God of their fathers, and played the harlot after the gods of the peoples of the land ... Now that "will preach."

1 Chronicles 6
6.1-29 the sons of Levi Who can forget Phinehas? Asariah apparently ministered when Solomon built the temple. Hilkiah reminds me that some of these priests served under difficult times spiritually. There seems to be more individuals mentioned in this section than most.
6.31-48 men whom David appointed over the service of song A long linage (over 20 if I am counting it right) given for Herman the singer. Asaph was mentioned in about ten of the Psalms. It would be interesting research any musical significance of being on the left hand or right hand.
6.49-52 Aaron and his sons offered sacrifices
6.54-81 dwelling places ... given by lot to the sons of Aaron Surely some geography buff has made a map of this.

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