Monday, March 23, 2009

Mon 090323 am 2King19-20 Luke 13-14

2 Kings 19
19.4 It is curious to me that Hezekiah, a king who did according to all that his father David had done, would tell Isaiah the Lord your God. I wonder why he didn't say the Lord my or our God.
19.22 An interesting reference by Isaiah to God as the Holy One of Israel. This expression is also common in the book of Isaiah.
19.28 A good prayer for ungodly rulers.

2 Kings 20
20.13 was attentive to them This is an intriguing thing to think about. Who am I attentive to? How? and Why?

Luke 13

13.3, 5 Wow! a pretty hard response to catastrophes.
13.14 I think of how ridiculous the ruler of the Sabbath and wince at how often we try to regulate ministry in similar ways for the sake of order.
13.34-35 This is a favorite verse. O, that the Lord would give me, that I would allow myself to have, that same kind of burden and heart!

Luke 14
14.18 But they all alike began to make excuses... If there is one thing we all have a gift for, it is making excuses.
14.26 I don't think we understand this very well today.
14.34 It is about the TASTE. It was not the healing or preserving qualities, but the fact it just makes things taste better. Christians should make the situations they are in richer and more pleasant.

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