Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thurs 090416 pm Jn 7 2 Chr 23

John 7

7.3 I wonder what disciples Jesus' brothers had in mind.
7.24 Do not judge by appearance. But that means that you actually have to get to know someone and understand them first. Sounds long and tedious.
7.39 I don't know that I have thought much about Jesus being glorified as a reason for the coming of the Spirit. It seems that it has more significance than just His being gone from earth.
7.43 there was division over Him... and there still is.
7.51 Nicodemus was a pretty good guy.

2 Chronicles 23

23.1 Jehoada took courage...
23.14 Why not in the house of the Lord if God was behind it. Something to think about.

2 Chronicles 24

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