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Sun 090412 pm 2 Chr 11-15

2 Chronicles 11

11.15 and he appointed his own priests... makes you wonder who he was really worshipping.
11.21 Rehoboam loved Maacah the daughter of Absalom above all his wives and concubines... I sure that went over good. :0) I wonder if there was any "politics" going on there.

2 Chronicles 12

12.1 he was strong, he abandoned the law of God... I hope I never get that strong.
12.2 Sheshonk or Sheshenq I, as he is called on the monuments, the founder of the XXIInd Dynasty, was in all probability of Libyan origin. ISBE
12.2 sukkiim - The identification is uncertain. ISBE
12.8 ...that they may know My service and the service of the kingdoms of the countries. Pat Bartlet reminded us that we can pick our master, but we all have one.
12.14 for he did not seek the Lord... If we don't intentionally seek the Lord we will go down the tubes spiritually like "Reh" did.

2 Chronicles 13

13.4 Mt. Zemaraim - A mount in the highlands of Ephraim, to the north of Jerusalem --WebEncyclopedia; It is usual to identify it with es-Samra, a ruin about 4 miles North of Jericho. Mt. Zemaraim probably derived its name from the city, and must be sought in the neighborhood. --ISBE
13.8-12 Great speech
13.13 While Abijah talked Reheboam maneuvered.

2 Chronicles 14

14.4 and commanded Judah to seek the Lord How do you command someone to do that? I see how you can make them follow laws and "go to church," but to seek Him?
14.10 Mareshah - a city in the plain of Judah --Bible Encyclopedia
14.14 Gerar - A town in the Philistine plain South of Gaza ... The place has not been fully identified, but the site is probably in one of the branches of Wady Sheri`a, at a place called Um Jerrar, near the coast Southwest of Gaza and 9 miles from it (SWP, III, 3815.89-90). --ISBE

2 Chronicles 15

15.3-6 What is refered to here? Who? When?
15.8 detestable idols
15.17 but the high places were not taken down out of Israel. It is interesting to me that this seems to imply that he should have gone into the northern kingdom to remove the high places.

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