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Sat 090411 pm Spiritual Disciplines - Victorious Praying - Chron Live Christ

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life - "Bible Intake (Part 2)"
--supplies spiritual power
--strengthens your faith
--helps witnessing and counseling
--simulates meditation

word pictures, accountability, review

--promises Joshua 1.8 and Psalm 1.1-3
--takes times, based on good understanding, application oriented.

It differs from worldly meditation...
--involves filling your mind
--requires constructive mental activity
--meditating on things that are true
--linked to prayer to God and responsible, Spirit-filled human action

"The reason we come away so cold from reading the word is, because we do not warm ourselves at the fire of meditation." --- Thomas Watson

A Journey to Victorious Praying - "Understanding the True Meaning of Worship" chapter 28

--is ascribing glory to God's character
--involves the total person
--involves a faith response to God's character

"True worship always involves a response of complete dependence and obedience to God in our attitude and action."

The Chronological Life of Christ

John 19.37-38 so that Scripture would be fulfilled... Psa. 34.20 & Zech 12.10 ...the One they have pierced... This one reminds me of our foolishness and of how dear Christ has become.
Mark 15.43 Joseph of Arimathea ... waiting for the kingdom of God... I wonder if I am known as someone who is waiting? What characterizes someone who is waiting? (How often would someone of his standing be involved in doing something like a burial?)

Matt 27.39 Nicodemus... Known, among all his life and accomplishments for two things: meeting with Jesus in John 3 and helping with his burial. What would be the two things that I would be known for?

Matthew 27.63 We remember that... I guess that we don't really know for certain what the disciples were thinking, but you have to admire the thoroughness of the chief priests. They were listening and may have understood as well or better than the disciples.
Matthew 27.65 secure as you know how. :o)

Matthew 28.1 Mary Magdalene, the other Mary
Mark 16.1 Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome
(Luke 24.10 Mary Magdalene, and Joanna, and Mary the mother of James, and the other women with them)
(John 20.1 Mary Magdalene)

I wonder what actually happened in the tomb when Jesus arose. I have a picture of him vanishing through the grave clothes, folding up the head cloth?, looking around, and then vanishing. The soldiers were the first to see the empty tomb, but Jesus only showed himself to His followers.
Matthew 28.2 angel #1 sat upon the stone with an appearance as lightening (kjv)

Luke 24.4 ...they were wondering about this... You think!?
John 20.5 & Matthew 28.5 angel #2? a young man sitting on the right side
Luke 24.4 angels #3 & 4? two men stood by them in dazzling apparel
There seems to some difference of opinion about whether these are all different or different accounts of the same. Since one was sitting and the two were standing, it may refer to three different. However, the similarity of what is said in each of the gospels would support the view that there were only two.
Mark 16.7 tell his disciples and Peter... I wonder what the preparations for the "press conference" were like. "And be sure to specifically mention Peter. I want him to be one of the first to see it." I wonder how many views there are on why Peter was mentioned.
Mark 16.8b and they said nothing to any one; for they were afraid... Fear of witnessing to others right from the start. :o)

Luke 24.11 appeared in their sigh as idle talk; and they disbelieved them. But Peter... Go, Peter, go!
John 20.3 So Peter and the other disciple [John] started for the tomb...
John 20.6 Simon Peter ... entered into the tomb...
John 20.8 believed believed what? the women's report?

John 20.12 two angels in white sitting, one at the head and once at the foot probably angels #3 & 4 again
John20.17 I ascend to my Father... I wonder why he hadn't already done that.

Matthew 28.10 first century twiter?

Matthew 28.15 circulated among the Jews to this very day... Sorta like some of these bogus e-mail that never seem to die.

Luke 24.11 And beginning with Moses and all the prophets... I guess knowing Moses and the prophets is better than the newspaper.
Luke 24.31 ...their eyes were opened... It is a spiritual thing.

Luke 24.34 and has appeared to Simon... This is also a reminder that we are only getting snippets of all the events swirling around the resurrection.

Luke 24.38 Why do doubts rise in your mind? Good food for thought.
Luke 24.41 ...still did not believe it because of joy and amazement... This makes an interesting statement about the nature of faith.

John 20.29 blessed are those... I had never thought about what a special thing it is to have believed without seeing Christ.

John 20.2 I wonder why the other two disciples were not named.
John 20.11 153 I am always amused by the mental gymnastics people go to in order to give random numbers like this deep spiritual meanings.

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