Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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The Chronological Life of Christ

John 16.15 This a way that I can bring glory to my Savior, by taking His Word and making it clear to others. This is a way that good teaching of Christ's teaching in the Scriptures can intersect with worship.

John 16.19-22 It is an interesting explanation of his death and resurrection. It seems to me that He could have given a much clearer timeline and descriptions of events. I am not sure anything He said could have completely prepared them for what about to happen. It has been interesting to think about what and how he did say and didn't say things. Compare with verse 25.

John 16.27 If it weren't for our connection with Jesus, we'd be sunk.

John 16.32 Yet I am not alone, for the Father is with me. What a reassuring thought.

John 17.3 eternal life ... know You ... This relationship between eternal life and knowing God has much to offer for meditation.

John 17.10 Why is all I have not the Father's. Either it is his and I just need to realize it, or it is something that is not His and I should discard it.

John 17.19 I sanctify myself, that they too may be truly sanctified. My feeble results in my family and ministry might well be traced back to this verse.

John 17.23 It is my sense that this concept and goal of unity is often under emphasized and misunderstood. What are the ways that Christ is unified with the Father that we can be unified with the Father. It is something how our unity is evidence of God's love. It begs the question of the relationship between our unity and the lack (felt or otherwise) of God's love. There is a disconnect somewhere between the infinite love of God that is directed toward us and the pitiful testimony that we give of it.

John 17.26 It sometimes think of truth/knowledge and love as paradoxical in some ways, but this says that knowledge of God facilitates having His love in us.

Matthew 26.37 Jesus was sorrowful and troubled!? and He still never sinned. Troubled looks similar to the word loath in Greek. We seldom think of those emotions as being part of a sinless and righteous life.

Mark 14.35 It is facinating that Jesus asked for something that He surely knew that He was not going to be granted. In our common thinking about prayer, once you know it is not going to happen, what's the point of asking. But Jesus asked for something He wasn't going to get (in his sorrowful and troubled state of mind) and then reaffirmed His submission and obedience to the Father's will. hmmmm.

Mathew 26.40 watch with me Col 4.2; 1 Peter 4.7; Mk 13.33; Luke 21.36,38

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