Monday, April 6, 2009

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The Chronological Life of Christ
Luke 22.16 It seems that this should have gotten their attention. They seem to have missed the will not eat part and become enamored with the word kingdom. We are so like them.
John 13.1 having loved His own A comforting thought that he knows and looks out for his own in a special way.
John 13.3 Jesus know that the father ... so He ... Maybe we don't serve because of our myopic, temporal, insecure view of ourselves and the things around us.
John 13.8 Peter had a high view of Christ, but was poorly informed.
John 13.9 not just ... Peter wanted all Christ had to give, but was poorly informed.
John 13.15 I have set an example...
John 13.19 On the purpose of prophecy--It is so that when it does happen you will believe.
Matthew 26.22 surely not I A healthy amount of respect for our own sinfulness and waywardness.
Luke 22:31-33 This is a very puzzling event. Jesus promised to pray that Simon's fail would not fail. Most would say that when he denied Christ his faith failed. When you have turned back... may indicate that faltering is not the same as failing.
Mark 14.31 And all the others said the same. So why does Peter always get such a bad rap?
John 14.6 Thomas ask how he can know the way and Jesus responds that, in so many words, he just needs to know Jesus. Similar to Job.
John 14.12 ...anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. I never thought of obedience as doing what you really believe in.
John 14.13 Answered prayers help the Son to give glory to the Father.

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