Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wed 090415 pm Hab 1-3 Jn 6 2Chr 22

Habakkuk 1

1.1-4 Habakkuk's question
1.5-11The Lord's answer
1.12-2.1 Habakkuk's follow up question
1.13 This is probably one of the more poorly exposited verses when used as a proof text and is my reminder to be careful when working on a topical study.

Habakkuk 2

2.2-20 The Lord's final answer:
2.3 the vision a loaded word
2.4 also in Rom 1.17; Gal 3.11; Heb 10.38-39
2.6 Woe
2.9 Woe
2.12 Woe
2.15 Woe
2.18 idol ... Woe in 19

Habakkuk 3

3.1-15 Look at who I am.
3.17-19 Habakkuk's final response and statement of faith.

John 6

6.11 ...had given thanks...
6.12 that nothing may be lost. thriftiness
6.27 laboring for food and endures and God the Father has set His seal on... is an interesting combination of descriptions. Sealed and hungry for spiritual food.
6.38 That pretty well nails down the struggle for us.
6.58 live because of Me... Christ made my life possible and gives me something to live for.
6.70 I wonder what the disciples thought when Jesus said this.
6.71 Two chapters for the price of one.

2 Chronicles 22
22.3-4 A mother's day message text?
22.7 ordained by God The Lord knows how to reserve the wicked for judgement.
22.10 My, o my, what a sweet grandma!
2 Chronicles 23
23.3 houses of Israel I have a difficult time figuring out who all is meant by Israel.
23.11 It doesn't seem that happens much anymore. Maybe our presidents should read from it on just swearon it.

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