Friday, June 12, 2009

Fri 090612 am Job 28-31

Job 28 Job continued

1-10 Man discovers hidden things.
11-22 Man can't buy or find wisdom.
23-27 God knows wisdom

Job 29 Job again takes up his discourse

1-6 Things were good when God's favor was on me.
7-17 I awed the wise, helped the helpless, and stopped the unrighteous.
18-25 I was on top of the world.

Job 30

1-8 Description of those who Job used to disdain.
9-15 They have the upper hand against me.
16-18 I am in anguish.
19-23 God has turned against me and I am going to die.
24-31 I am in darkness and affliction.

Job 31

1-4 I am committed to righteousness. Isn't punishment for the wicked?
4-8 If I have walked with falsehood...
9-12 If I have been enticed by another woman...
13-15 If I have ignored a servant's complaint....
16-24 If I have withheld from the poor...
25-28 If I have trusted riches...
29-32 If I rejoiced at the fall of my enemies...
33-34 If I concealed my transgressions...
35-40 I would accept my fate if I had done wrong

This chapter provides a great Bible study or sermon series. If Job is one of the most righteous men in the OT, then these seven benchmarks of personal righteousness should be worth considering:
1. Integrity/honesty--I have not walked in falsehood.
2. Lust/adultery--My heart has not been enticed toward a woman.
3. Respect/justice--I have note rejected the cause of my servant.
4. Charity/generosity--I have not withheld from the poor.
5. Idolatry/covetousness-- I have not made gold my trust.
6. Malice/"ill will"--I have not rejoiced at the ruin of him who hated me.
7. Secret sins/hypocrisy--I have not concealed my transgressions as others do.
What I have not researched is the Hebrew language and poetic structure that might cast a different light on how the chapter should be divided.

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