Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wed 090610 am Job 22-24

Job 22

1-11 Nobody can please God. You are not righteous.
12-20 You say God God does not judge. Will you keep the ways of the wicked.
21-30 Agree with God. He saves the lowly.

Job 23

1-9 I know God would hear my argument and acquit me, but I can't find him.
10-12 I have followed Him.
13-17 I terrifies me that the almighty does not change his ways.

Job 24

1 Why doesn't God act?
2-12 The poor, widows, and fatherless suffer and God doesn't punish anyone.
13-17 The rebel, murderer, and adulterer love the darkness.
18-25 God supports the mighty. Prove me wrong.

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