Friday, July 10, 2009

Fri 090709 am Psa 31-33

Psalm 31 David; 24 vs.; 31.5--Luke 23.46
Psalm of general praise with some mention of enemies and the wicked.

31.5 This was quoted by Christ on the cross.
31.19 those who fear you used as a loose synonym for those who take refuge in you.
31.23 the faithful used in contrast to the one who acts in pride.

Psalm 32 David; 11vs.; 32.1-2---Romans 4.7-8
Praise for sin forgiven.

32.2 in whose spirit there is no deceit... Candor is often in short supply. Who am I kidding when I pretend to God I have no sin?
32.6 at a time when you man be found... This verse raises the uncomfortable possibility that God will not always be sitting there at our beck and call. Hmmmmm.

Psalm 33 Anon.; 22 vs.; ---??
Praise (esp. re creation) and hope in God.

33.1 Praise befits the upright. "Befits" is an odd word for the ESV, but true nonetheless.
33.8 fear the Lord placed alongside stand in awe.
33.12 I guess any nation could have God as their Lord, but only Israel can be truly called "His heritage."
33.18 the eye of the Lord is on... in a good sense that includes his steadfast love.

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