Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wed 090708 pm Psa 25-30

Psalm 25 David; 222 vs.; ----??
Praise with prayer to be preserved, etc.

verses 1&2 are a chorus
25.1 the humble...
25.12 the man who fears the Lord...
characteristics of the one who is close to the Lord

Psalm 26 David; 12 vs.; ---??
David blesses the Lord and does not walk with sinners.

26.2 test my heart and mind... Heart is literally kidneys in the Hebrew. I wonder why he said heart (or kidneys) and mind. Is is parallelism or does in have more significance?
26.4 men of falsehood paralleled with hypocrites Somehow men of falsehood sounds worse that hypocrites.

Psalm 27 David; 14 vs.; ----??
General psalm of praise.

27.1 Light, Salvation, stronghold... These three things about God keep me from fearing.
27.4 to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord... This is a motive that God will honor.
27.10 The Lord is faithful when everybody else can't or won't help.

Psalm 28 David; 9 vs.; ---???
Praise sandwiched around prayer to give the wicked their just reward.

Psalm 29 David; 11vs.; ----??
Theme: glory of the Lord. David does not refer to himself in this psalm.

29.2 the splendor of holiness...

Psalm 30 David; 12 vs.; ---??
From weeping and sackcloth to joy.

30.7 I wonder if we would even notice when the Lord hid His face.

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