Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thurs 090715 am/pm Psa 35-37

Psalm 35 David; 28 vs.; 35.19b--John 15:25

35.1-8 Calling on the Lord (the angel of the Lord in 5 &6) to shame and destruction
35.10 bones will say... An interesting expression.
35.11-16 I wept for them and they turned against me.
35.29 The hated me without a cause... Jesus applied this to himself. This is a theme of this chapter of being undeserving harsh treatment fits the Lord.
35.27-28 Asking God to bless his supporters.

Psalm 36 David; 12vs.; 36.1b--Rom. 3:18
Statements against the wicked begin and end with praise for the Lord and His steadfast kindness in the middle.

36.6Your righteousness is like the mountains of God. It seems odd that God is like His mountains. An interesting expression.
36.11a is a great prayer for us.

Psalm 37 David; 40 vs.; 37.11a--Matthew 5.5
The Lord punishes the wicked and preserves the righteous.

37.3-5 These are all time favorites.
37.11 the meek...
37. the righteous is generous and gives... Another reminder that we should be givers. So what is it that causes us not to want to give?

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