Monday, November 23, 2009

Mon 091123 am Prov 26-29

Proverbs 26
Lots of cerebral in this chapter too.
26.4-5  The side be setting of these two "opposite" proverbs is food for thought.
26.16  in his own eyes...  O, that I can have the insight to see myself as others.
26.20  For lack of wood...  This proverbs alludes to the whole "fuel for the fire" idea.  If nobody is talking about it, the controversy will wither.
Proverbs 27
A few more cerebral cartoons.
27.2  Let another praise you... Don't toot your own horn and let others toot if they must. Enough said.
27. 10  your father's friend...  A great resource that is often overlooked and under-cultivated by young people.
27.21 a man is tested by his praise...  The danger in people's praise is when you start  believing it.  Praise is to be (modestly) enjoyed and and then put into perspective.  You have your critics too.  The important assessment will not happen on this side of glory.
Proverbs 28
28.1  when no one pursues...  A guilty conscience needs no accusing.
28.8 generous to the poor...  A recurring theme in this book.
28.15  a chilling picture in today's America.
28.21  for a  piece of bread...  A reminder of how easily we sell out.
Proverbs 29
29.2 the people groan...
29.7  the wicked does not understand...  which explains why it is so hard for them to figure out.
29.17  discipline your son and he will give you rest...  This goes in the pay me now or pay me latter category.
29.25 The fear of man lays a snare...  It is interesting to see trusting the Lord as the opposite instead of the less imaginative fear of the Lord.  If I understand this correctly,  this implies a close relationship between trusting the Lord and fearing the Lord.

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