Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sun 091122 pm Prov 23-25

Proverbs 23
23.4  Do not toil to acquire wealth, be discerning enough to desist.  I'm sorry, but the wording of that verse in the esv just seems odd to me.  Some of the versions combine verses 4 & 5. I think that I like nasv and the nlt best. And the irony of that is that the nasv is one of the most literal and the nlt is one of the most dynamic. I will have to check K&D, etc. sometime to look into it.
23.11  I wonder if the "Redeemer" in this passage is God or some advocate in the Hebrew system of justice.
23.17 the fear of the Lord...  does not go along with enying sinners.
23.22-25  Do not despise your mother when she is old...  Some sage advice for children of aging parents (like me :o).
This chapter has a lot more context (with the groups of verses that go together) than most chapters.
Proverbs 24
24.10  When the going gets tough...  I wonder if this verse stands by itself or goes with 12 & 13?
24.21  fear the Lord and the king...  An interesting insight to see the fear of the Lord put alongside fear of the king like that.  Hmmmm.
24.27  Grandma's rule
Proverbs 25
25.5  So much for the idea that you have to use wicked men to get someone competent enough to govern.
25.9  mediation
10+ cerebral cartoons in this chapter!

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