Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thurs 091119 pm Prov 19-21 1Jn1

Proverbs 19
19.1  a poor person who walks in his integrity...  A poor person who walks in integrity is a fine thing.
19.2  Desire without knowledge can be dangerous.
19.11 Good sense makes one slow to anger...
19.17  I wonder if we really believe this.

Proverbs 20
20.3 aloof from strife...  This is just the opposite from the wisdom of man.  The less honorable men are the more they talk about their honor and the importance of defending it.
20.11  even a child...  And they often do not realize how long that reputation will follow them.
20.22  Vengance belongs to the Lord.
20.29  strength ... gray hair...  Both are important.

Proverbs 21
21.1 in the hand of the Lord... God is sovereign
21.17 whoever love pleasure...  This is an intriguing verse to think about.  People always thing of pleasure as being the purpose of riches.
21.19  the upright gives thought...  We typically just think of righteousness in terms of  doing the do's and not doing the don'ts.  Thoughtful is another thing.

1 John 1
1.1  first hand knowledge
1.5 God is light.
1.9  An often used verse.

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