Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wed 091118 am 2Pt 3 Prov 17-18

2 Peter 3
3.5  deliberately...  This is a good reminder since we often have this "noble savage" view of the lost that they (with the exception of a few diabolical dictators and that person that is mean to me) really want the Lord, but just don't understand.
3.8  So this guy thinks to himself, if a day is like a thousand years to God, I ought to ask Him for a couple dollars.  So, that night in his prayers he, feeling rather smart, asks God for a few dollars.  The voice from heaven replies, "Sure, I'll get that to you in a couple days." 
3.9 toward you...  Hmmm... That doesn't sound nearly as universal has this verse is often thought to be.

Proverbs 17
17.3  the Lord tests the hearts...  I like to think about this in the context of Psalm 139.23-24.
17.5  It seems to me that insulting your Maker is pretty foolish.
17.21 the father of a fool has no joy...  A sad, sad, tragic verse.
17.28  This is just all around good advise.

Proverbs 18
18.2  Understanding is more important than expressing your opinion.
18.12  humility comes before honor... As per Phil. 2.5-9.
18.19  We sometimes loose sight of this truth.  Often doing things the slow way to avoid offending is quicker and better than getting something done in a hurry and then working through the arduous process of restoring an offended brother.

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