Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mon 100308 pm Ex 1-5

Exodus 1
1.14   their lives hard with bitter service...  just like a life of serving sin.
1.17  but the midwives feared God...  more than man.
1.20  so God dwelt with the midwives...  "God dwelt would be an interesting word study.  I am thinking of what that might have implied.

Exodus 2
2.2  because he was a fine child... This phrase puzzles me a little because it is rare to meet a mom who does think she had fine children.  Would she have not cared if he had been ugly.  
2.12  he looked this way and that...  Who would have thought that the Israelites would have "ratted him out?"
2.20  Why have you left the man?  This was a fun and classic question by Jesse.  Like "Get a clue girls."

Exodus 3
3.12 but I will be with you...  More important than fancy speach.

Exodus 4
4.21  but I will harden his heart...
4.14 is coming out to meet you...  God thinks of all those things and often has the answer in progress before we ask.

Exodus 5
5.2  Who is the Lord, that I should obey His voice...  This is a central question to this section of Exodus.  It was a question that the Lord looked forward to answering.
5.22 why have You done evil to this people...  I am not sure what the translators of the esv were thinking here.  The Hebrew seems to have more of the idea of "brought trouble."
5.22  Why did you ever send me?  This is a sentiment that many can relate to from time to time.  Consider the end, not the middle.

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