Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sat 100313 am Ex 12

Exodus 12
12.5  from the sheep or from the goats...  I had not noticed this before.
12.12  on all the gods of Egypt...  This seems to be more than an abstract making a religious system look foolish.  I wonder what exactly this refers to.
12.13  when I strike...  Again God takes responsibility for what He does.
12.32  and bless me too.  This is funny after how hard headed (or hearted) Pharaoh had been about this through all the plagues.
12.41-42  a night of watching...  K & D says a night of preservation. Gesenius says "observation, celebration."  Strong's says a watch or vigil.  It is by the Lord on the first mention and "kept to" the Lord the second time.  That sounds like wordplay.

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