Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tues 100310 pm Luke1-3

Luke 1
1.15  he will be great before the Lord...  the place where reputation is critical.
1.17  turn the hearts of the fathers to the children...  I have always found this both an intriguing and instructive phrase.
1.37  nothing will be impossible... This should change the way we think.  Note Mary's response in the next verse.
1.64 he spoke blessing...  
1.80  strong in spirit...  We think about being a braniac or having physical strength, but the idea of being strong in spirit is a whole different way of thinking about life.  I have spent some time thinking about what that means and wondering how strong I am.  It doesn't seem likely that we can measure it objectively like lifting weights, etc.

Luke 2
The lowly, probably uneducated shepherds are reminders that God and the Gospel don't really need the rich of this world to thrive.
 2.40  the child grew and became...  The whole concept of a perfect God-man growing and maturing is mind boggling.  It also causes some reflection on the spiritual capabilities of the mentally challenged.

Luke 3
3.10  And the crowds asked him, "What shall we do?"   When you get that response, you know that you have done some serious, spirit enabled preaching/reaching.
3.18  preached good news...  Galatians says that the Gospel was preached to Abraham and here the good news is preached before the cross.

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