Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thurs 100304 am Mark 11-16

Mark 11
11.13  was not the season for figs...  I have wondered why Jesus cursed a tree that was not expected to have figs growing at the time.
11.23 this mountain...  hyperbole
Mark 12
12.12  so they perceived.... So whats with that?  The disciple can't figure out Jesus' parables, but the lost, hard hearted priest don't seem to have a lot of problem perceiving what Jesus meant. And then they had not heart change.  This is one of the scariest verses in the Bible.  To hear, understand, and not change is tragic and frightening.
12.25  they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven...  seems to indicate that it takes a man and a woman and not just two its to have marriage.
12.40 pretense ... long prayers...
12.22  and perform signs and wonders...  Signs and wonders are way overrated.
Mark 13
13.11  do not be anxious before hand...  No need to fret and worry about what the Holy Spirit will say.  :o)
Mark 14
14.7  Jesus is more important than the good deeds that we do for Him. This is apparently a key truth that should be central to the Gospel message, at least in a broader sense.
14.26-31  This must have been so disheartening for Peter.  He get a hard time, but they were all saying it.  I am thinking about God seeming to predict/ordaine that the disciples would deny Him.
14.42  let us be going...  So, why did he ask disciples that he knew were about the desert him to come with him to the arrest.  Hmmm.
14.50 A sad and sobering verses.  God help me.
14.51 I have always wondered about the purpose of this verse.
14.55  I find it mind boggling that they arrested him without having the witnesses, etc. lined up already.
14.61  but He remained silent...  Another reason for Jesus' silence is that he was probably waiting for them to say something that made enough sense it needed to be responded to.
Mark 15
15.14  So when you don't have a good answer, yell louder.  :o)
15.43  took courage...  That's what I need.
Mark 16
16.6  and Peter...  This is more that a sweet thought from the Lord Jesus.  It was on Heaven's "talking points" for the day that special attention should be given to Peter so that he would be reassured of Christ's love for him. Peter was included in the memos and included in the special instructions to the angelic "press agents."
16.20  while the Lord worked with them...  Not through this time, but with.  Something to think about for a while.

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