Thursday, April 19, 2012

Psa 63 & 1 Cor 15

Psalm 63 David; 11 vs. --??

63.1 earnestly... I believe it was Tyndale who once said something to the effect that he wished that God would cause a famine in the land, a hunger not for food, but for the Word of God. David clarifies this word in the next verses to give a similar sense. God, keep me out of Revelation 3.17.

63.11 the mouths of liars will be stopped... I don't sense the vehemence of revenge in this phrase (which does seem to occur on occasion in the psalms), but the relief to know that this will not go on forever, thankfully.

1 Corinthians 15

15.31 I die every day... I am recalling my thought processes as I awake in the morning and this does not happen as often as it should. O to get to the point where I die to sin before it raises it's ugly head each morning and not after.

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