Friday, April 20, 2012


87.  This is one of the saddest of the psalms. One writer called it the “darkest corner of the Psalter.”[376] It is an individual lament. It relates the prayer of a person who suffered intensely over a long time yet continued to trust in the Lord.  ---
89.10  Rahab... tn Heb “Rahab.” The name “Rahab” means “proud one.” Since it is sometimes used of Egypt (see Ps 87:4; Isa 30:7), the passage may allude to the exodus. However, the name is also used of the sea (or the mythological sea creature) which symbolizes the disruptive forces of the world that seek to replace order with chaos (see Job 9:13; 26:12). Isa 51:9 appears to combine the mythological and historical referents. The association of Rahab with the sea in (see v. 9) suggests that the name carries symbolic force in this context. In this case the passage may allude to creation (see vv. 11-12), when God overcame the great deep and brought order out of chaos.  ---

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