Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tues 090317 am 1king 3 - Luke 10 - Acts 3

2 Kings 1

1.6 "Is is because there is no God in Israel?" How often do we (I) act like there is no God? It is a thought to take with me today.

1.9 demanding--toast
1.11 come down quickly--toast
1.14 "But let my life now be precious in your sight." What a great example of humility that is.

1.18 "...the rest of the acts..." Here is yet another reminder of how much of what we do is relegated to statistics in some obscure book somewhere. What in my life is "Bible worthy?"

Acts 3

This morning we discussed Acts 3 in our staff meeting.
3.1 Peter and John went to pray. Good things tend to happen when we pray. The lame man was in "the path to prayer", a "hot spot" for God's grace.

He wanted money, but God had something much better in store. "...above all we ask or think..."

Jesus had probably walked by this man many times during his ministry, but the timing was important for Peter to preach.

3.25 Why does the NIV have "heirs" instead of "sons?" It seems to be the Greek word for son (Huios) there.

Luke 10
I am trying to read/hear a NT chapter each day in the ESV.

10.4 Wish peace on the house and let the Lord figure out if it deserves it.

10. 19 Serpents and scorpions seem to be an allusion to demons. Mark 16

10.33 he had compassion
10.37 showed him mercy
It is disappointing how hard-hearted we often are. I need to take the time to notice and to be moved.

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