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Fri 032009 am 2K 11 Lk 12 Blue Parakeet Ch 2

2 Kings 11

11.2 The text doesn't say, but I wonder how Athaliah missed Josiah. Did she overlook him, or just couldn't find him? Anyway, it was a brave aunt and a plucky priest who saved the day.

11.18 We are in a different dispensation and time, but it is interesting that Mattan, the priest of Baal was held to a different level of accountability than the regular worshippers.

It almost seems that Israel was chaffing under the extreme Baal worship and associated it with the tyranny of Athaliah so that they wanted to destroy the Baal worship as soon as she was gone.

The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible by Scot McKnight

The idea seems to be that we tend to pick and choose what we want and basically tame the Bible for our purposes. He says the Bible should make us a little uncomfortable.

In chapter two he talks about three ways people read the Bible. First, is to "read and retrieve." He says on page 26 that, "What we've got in the pages of the New Testament are first-century expressions of the gospel and church life, not permanent, timeless expressions." That statement has an element of truth in it, but concerns me because it seems to open the door for writing off what we don't like at "cultural" and could open the door for "rethinking" key doctrines. The second is "Reading through Tradition," allowing a set of beliefs guide your interpretations. He talks about "the great tradition" and "traditionalism." The third was "Reading with Tradition." Considering what has been believed in the past against what the Bible says.

Luke 12
12.1 Hypocrisy is pointless in the long run.

12.4 This verse ought to be preached on every one in a while.

12.13 I hadn't thought much about the inheritance context for the Parable of the Fool. I should think about including this passage in my will if I ever get enough money for it to be an issue.

12.26 Could we paraphrase this, "Don't worry about what you can't change?"

12.45 I fear the Church is drifting in this direction.

12.58 ...make an effort to settle... Compromise isn't right for every situation, but there are definitely times when it is a desirable thing.

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