Monday, March 16, 2009

Mon 0903316 pm - 1King 20-22

1 Kings 20
20. 28 Because they have said... God defends his reputation and Ahab falls short of "finishing the job." How typical of us.
20.35-43 Here's another example of the amazing creativity and effectiveness of the OT prophets in effectively making their point.

1 Kings 21
7 out of 10 commandments broken
v.2 #10 not covet
v.3 #5 disregard for parents/family
v. 9-10 #9 false witness
v. 13 #6 shall not murder
v. 13 #3 the Lord's name in vain?
v. 15 #8 shall not steal
All in a day's work.
21.25 Wow! What a distinction.
21.29 ...humbled himself... an interesting statement about such a wicked man. Is there a chance that this involved any real repentance since God took note of it and showed him mercy?

1 Kings 22
22.8 O that I would be that man!
22.13 The messenger was well intentioned, but was he a good friend?
22.32 Compare with 2Chronicles 18.31. Calling out to the Lord is a sign of a humble follower of God which was a contrast to Ahab. I guess nobody would ever expect Ahab to pray.
22.43-44 How painfully familar. Jehoshaphat's two sins (in the midst of a life of doing right in the sight of the Lord) were to allow sin to reside in the obscure places and to make peace with an open enemy of God.

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