Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gen 25-

25.12  Now Isaac pleaded for...   His wife and for what had already been promised.  There's more to prayer that hoping for something new. 
25.22  If I am well, why am I like this?   I suspect this question gets asked by many expecting moms.  :o)
25.30  Edom...  The term comes for the word אָדֹם 'adom   for red which I would assume was an unkind reminder of this strong "man of the field's" weaked state and humility before his "mild" brother during the  "red stew" incident.
26.5  because Abraham obeyed...  His legacy with God lived on.
26.8  "showing endearment"  seems to gloss a pretty steamy Hebrew word.
26.10  would have brought guilt on us...  Since this was probably a "pagan" king, I am thinking about some possible implications this has on their sense of right and wrong.
26.28  We have certainly seen...  I find the use of the word LORD here very interesting.  It seems curious to me that Abimelech would have used that word and I wonder if Moses supplied it in place of the actual language to point out that he specifically recognized 'I Am' as the source of the blessing.  The whole incident begs the question of what people see when they look at my life.
26.35  This verse makes me happy for my d-i-l and want to pray harder for my other children.
27.15  which were with her in her house...  a good reminder to young people that they should take care of their cloths themselves.  :o)
26.20b  a good example of using God's name in vain.
27.38  Heb. 12.17
28.1  not take a wife from the daughters of Canaan...
28.4  and give you the blessing of Abraham...  "Race" or family, on some level, was important, but not everything.
28.20-21  If God will ... then the LORD shall be my God.   This statement has always struck me as a mercenary, brazenly self-centered attitude toward God.  Thankful God is so patient and longsuffering with us and our sorry attitudes.

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