Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gen 29-30

29.31  Leah was unloved... Strong's H8130 - sane'  - to be hated
29.32  looked on my affliction...   Strong's H6040 - `oniy- affliction, poverty, misery
29.33  the LORD has heard that I am unloved... Strong's H8130 - sane'  - to be hated
29.34  this time my husband will become attached to me...   Strong's H3867 - lavah - (Niphal) to join oneself to, be joined unto
30.20  my husband will dwell with me...   Strong's H2082 - zabal- to exalt, honour, (possible) dwell exaltedly
This is such a sad litany from poor Leah.  She wanted to be loved, not afflicted, with a husband who would be attached and dwell with her.
30.29  The Lord has blessed me for your sake...  This appears to me to be more than just Jacob's shepherding skills.

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