Friday, April 22, 2011

Gen 32-33

32.11  the mother and her children...  This seems to be an expression or idiom  that refers to the severity of the attack that the (in a generic sense) mother would be killed with her children.
32.28  struggled with God ... and have prevailed...  I find this to be intriguing to think about, inspiring, and convicting all at once.
33. 9  I have enough...
33.11  I have enough...  It seems both brothers wanted to make it clear that they  did not need any help.
33.24  every male...   The, what I would view to be, thoughtless arrogance of Shechem to require every male to be circumcised so he can have is wife is breath taking.  I know they sold it as an economic advantage, but still.
33.31   Should he treat our sister like a...  This seems to be a more appropriate kind of  "honor killing." 

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