Monday, May 30, 2011

Ex 3-5

3.11  Who am I that I should go...  This is actually a good response.  I wonder if a response like, "Well, it's about time.  Let's go," would have been a satisfactory response.
3.12 I will certainly be with you...  The ultimate qualification.
4.1  But suppose...  Always an excuse even though this one seems to be a pretty good. one. 
4.11  This statement from God always captures my attention and causes me to thing about the question of "evil."
4.26  Zipporah...  What a sweet supportive moment.
4.31  then they bowed their heads and worshiped Him...  God's compassion and goodness prompts a spirit of humility and reverence (Like Romans 2.4?).
5.2  A pivital verse in this book and section of Israel's history.
5.3 the God of the Hebrews...
5.5  I can't quite follow Pharaoh's logic here even though I think that his strategy is crystal clear.
5.22-23  I am not sure how often we pray with this kind of honesty.  It seems that the Bible heroes frequently pour out their hearts and ask the hard questions with passion, but without the anger and bitterness that I see sometimes today.

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