Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ex 13-16

13.9  on your hand...between your eyes...
14.4  and I will gain honor over pharaoh...  This seems to be a curious way to say this.
14.8  the LORD hardened the heart...
14.11  then they said to Moses...  That didn't take long.
14.17  I will harden ... and they shall...  It seems that hardness of the heart affects ones judgement and cautiousness that good sense brings.
14.18 the Egyptians shall know that I am the LORD...
14.27  were fleeing into it...  I don't think that I had noticed that.  It almost seems that the had crossed and were trying to return through it, though other translation are more clear that they were still in the sea.
15.7  Recently, with Osama was killed there was a lot of criticism for people for rejoicing.  But they seem pretty gleeful about the dead Egyptians here.
15.11b  Fearful in praises...   "The bold expression תְהִלֹּת נֹורָא conveys more than summe venerandus, s. colendus laudibus, and signifies terrible to praise, terribilis laudibus. As His rule among men is fearful (Psa_66:5), because He performs fearful miracles, so it is only with fear and trembling that man can sing songs of praise worthy of His wondrous works." --Keil and Delitzsch
16.23  bake and boil...  I am thinking about what kind of stuff this must have been that you would boil it (manna soup?).  Apparently you might have needed to cook it.

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