Monday, March 30, 2009

Mon 090330 am Lk 16-23

Luke 16

16.9 Good point on using material things to further spiritual purposes.
16.13 This seems to be an odd application to the previous parable. It would be good food for thought.
16.20 And at his gate... I am responsible for those the Lord puts in my path.
16.31 Salvation is about the heart not the evidence. The Word is the evidence a ready heart needs.

Luke 17

17.4 How is it repentance if it happens seven times in one day?
17.9 when you have done all that you are commanded... We usually think we are pretty special.
17. 29 fire and sulfur I can't imagine what the natural phenomenon or explanation would be for it to rain sulfur. Surely there wasn't enough pollution to cause that kind of acid rain.
17.32 Great verse. It will preach.

Luke 18

18.1 and not loose heart.
18.7 to His elect This seems to be a someone unique expression. It gives much to ponder.
18.18-30 This must be a good passage for "The Way of the Master" people to interact with.
18.34 If this was hidden from them, then it must have been said for them to remember later and appreciate after the fact. This might be instructive for our approach to prophecies.

Luke 19

19.6 they all grumbled Boy, we can even grumble about who repents!
19.14 this man or any man?
19.28 I am wondering why Luke put this story next to the Triumphal Entry. It's an interesting combination.
19.42 Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for peace! The eschatological context of this statement makes it very interesting to think about.
19.46 a house of prayer I am afraid that prayer is not the primary activity even in most good churches.

Luke 20

20.7-8 Get real or get lost.
20.35 neither are given in the angels... It is hard to understand would things will be like without male and female distinctions. When I think about my sexuality as a temporary thing, it helps to give perspective.

Luke 21

21.8 See that you are not led astray. is an instructive response to a question about the date of end time events.
21.36 stay awake at all times, praying... Surely our lack of prayer is a sign of spiritual lethargy and unpreparedness for the end times.

Luke 22

22.24 We are still discussing this and thinking about it.
22.31 that he might sift you Jesus didn't prevent it, but prayed that his faith would not fail. So, when Peter denies Christ three times, did his faith fail? It seems incredulous to me that Jesus would pray something like that for His elect and not have the prayer answered.
22.38 What did they think they would accomplish with just two swords?
22.45 sleeping for sorrow Does sorrow make you tired?
22.62 wept bitterly He understood what he had done and hated it. It is worth noting that only Peter and John were close enough to deny and that only Peter is recorded to have been confronted.
22.68 compare with Luke 20.1-8
22.71 This must be a difficult passage for those who deny that our Lord Jesus Christ is God.

Luke 23

22.4 That's a great thing to be accused of.
22.23 and their voices prevailed It is usually sad when the bitter whiners get their way.
22.50 There was a man God always seems to have "a man" ready. I want to be such a man.

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