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Wed 090401 am Ancient Christian Devotional

Ancient Christian Devotional by Thomas C. Oden

Acts 10.34-43 I am struck by the whole package.
  • Baptism by John,
  • God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit,
  • He went about doing good,
  • was killed,
  • God raised Him,
  • God showed Him openly, not to all people, but to witnesses chosen before by God, and finally
  • God commanded us to preach that
  • God ordained Christ to judge the living and the dead.
Gregory of Nyssa "...both as a priest and a lamb..."

Psalm 118
118.2 Let Israel now say... Let me say too.
118.18 The Lord has chastened me severely, But he has not given me over to death. and then remember verse 1 again and verse 29

"...the one who made the promise doesn't cheat us." ---Sermons 350A.4

Matthew 28
28.9 Jesus told the women, "Rejoice."
28.9 held him by the feet and worshiped Him Sometimes the Greek word for worship can mean to bow down before, but here that meaning would be redundant. They worshipped Him and clung to Him.
28.16 but some doubted Still! Even after all they had seen. I am glad God loves and strengthens doubters.

Peter Chrysologus
" He did not roll back the stone to provide a way of escape for the Lord but to show the world that the Lord had already risen."
"Pray, brothers, that the angel would descend now and roll away all the hardness of our hearts and open up our closed senses and declare to our minds that Christ has risen..." Sermons 75.4

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