Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thurs 090402 pm 1Chr 27 - 2Chr 3

1 Chronicles 27

27.1-15 officers that served the king(24K each month)
27.6 Benaiah of the 30
27.7 Ashahel, Joab's brother
27.16-24 over the tribes
--26 tillage of the ground
--27 vineyards
--28 olive and sycamore trees
--29 herds
--30 camels
--31 flocks
--32 counselors: Jonathan, David's uncle; Jehiel; Athithophel; Hushai; Hehoiada & Abithar

1 Chronicles 28

28.1-4 announcement regarding the temple
28.5-10 announces that Solomon is to build the temple
28.9 perfect heart - Solomon's big failing
28.11-19 David provides plans and materials
28.20-21 charge to Solomon

1 Chronicles 29

29.1-9 offerings for temple
29.10-21 David blessed the Lord (a prayer)
29.19 give Solomon a loyal heart
29.22-25 Solomon made king again
29.26-30 David dies; David's life recorded in Samuel, Nathan, and Gad's books

2 Chronicles 1

1.2-5 I find it very curious that David seems to have brought just the ark to Jerusalem. It seems to me like he would have brought the whole tabernacle and all the furniture and set it up in Jerusalem.
1.12 reminds me of Matthew 6.33

2 Chronicles 2

2.4 I wonder if Hiram was familiar with the temple worship. It seems kind of odd to mention all the details about the Temple.
2.1-10 Solomon's request for help and materials
2.11-16 Hiram's response
2.17-18 This seems like a harsh way to treat foreigners.

2 Chronicles 3

3.3-7 the foundation
3.8-14 the Most Holy Place
3.15-17 the front of the temple
3.17 I was wondering who Jachin was, but it seems that it is the meaning of the name that was in view (He shall establish). This is a verse that, from a Bible translation perspective, is a good case study for how you decide when to transliterate and when to use the meaning.

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