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Sat 090404 pm Mark 14-15 2 Chr 7-8

Mark 14
14.1 trickery doesn't seem very professional for chief priests.
14.2 This seems to indicate a disconnect between the leaders and the people--an interesting dynamic at work.
14.5 criticized her sharply It seems unfortunate when someone who has a good heart and is so sincere is sharply criticized. This also reminds me of the "Make your words tender and sweet cause tomorrow you may have to eat them." We should be judicious in our criticisms.
14.12-16 Miracle or previous uAlign Rightnderstanding that the disciples did not know about? Either way has intriguing food for thought, but I favor thinking of it as a previous understanding.
14.24 This is My blood of the new covenant, which is set for many.
14.29 Even if all are made to stumble, yet I will not be. Great intention, but a foolish statement and unrealistic expectation.
14.36 all things are possible ... but what You will
14.38 This is a key element of our Christian walk (and warfare).
14.64 and they all condemned Him What does all mean here in light of Joseph of A.?
14.72 he wept I wonder why we don't weep more over our sins and denials.

Mark 15
15.3 accused Him of many things hoping something, anything would stick.
15.10 because of envy This is still a powerful motivation that I must constantly guard against. This seems to be similar to the kids wanting to be first in line. On an important level it is irrational, but still seems to be deep seated, stealthy, and pervasive.
15.11 stirred up the crowd There are still people who "stir up the crowd." We must be discerning and dispassionate about the whims of the majority.
15.15 gratify the crowd We get in so much trouble when we try to satisfy or gratify the crowds.
15.16 the whole garrison I wonder how often the whole garrison was called to an assembly.
15.21 to bear his cross
--It wasn't in his plans.
--It was a "chance" occurance. He was compelled to.
--Appearantly it changed his life in a way that it affected his sons.
--He was told where to carry it.
--It was a great and unexpected honor.
--He probably didn't realize the full signicance of what he did.
15.32 Even those that was probably the cruelest and hardest.

2 Chronicles 7
7.14 It is interesting to take note of the context of this famous verse. When God sends drought, locust, or a plague, if His people call on him He will heal their land. I wonder if the healing does refers to the drought, locusts, or plague instead of the spiritual sense that most assume. This also seems to tie back to the many references to sin and forgiveness mentioned in chapter 6.

2 Chronicles 8
Solomon's achievements.
8.11 Solomon moved the daughter because she was not holy>

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