Monday, March 30, 2009

Mon 090330 pm Victorious Praying Ch 26 & Lk 22

A Journey to Victorious Praying by Bill Thrasher
Chapter 26: "Knowing When to Keep Praying"

Matt 15.22-28 "...appearing to be hard on her was to elicit a perseverance in prayer to give her not only what she asked for but even more than she knew how to ask."

Why has God chosen to work through persevering prayer?

  • To purify our desires.

  • To prepare us for His answer.

  • To develop our life and character.

  • To be used of God in spiritual warfare.

  • To bless us with a more intimate relationship with God
What does Scripture say about perseverance? Isa. 62.6-7; Matt. 7.7-11; Luke 11.5-8; 18.1-8; Gen. 18.22-33; 32:24-29
...our posture is that we are God's servant and He is not our servant. pray Scripture to the Lord...
An unwillingness to wait may reflect a lack of submission in your life.

Aids to persevering intercession. Appeal to ...

  • God's attributes Psa. 51.1

  • God's promises Gen. 32.9-12

  • God's honor and reputation Ex. 32.12; Psa. 25.11; 115.1

  • the need of God's people Ex. 14.10

  • God's past action Psa. 4.1

  • our union with Christ Rom. 15.30

  • the truth that God may be known Ex. 33.12
Luke 22 (again)
22.15 I have desired to eat this passover with you... Jesus desire to eat with them. Do we desire to eat the Lord's Supper with Him. What does that mean to eat the Lord's Supper with Him? On one level it is to be unified with Him in spirit as we eat it. On another level, it is to long for the time when he will return for us, and we will eat it with Him in glory.
22.45 It seems I am still struggling with the same problem they had, "sleeping" instead of watching and praying..
22. it has been determined ... woe to that man by whom... God as sovereign king and as just judge of man's choices and actions.
22.39 as He was accustomed... Learning to pray in the time of trouble is a loosing proposition. Jesus was practiced, prayed up, and ready when trouble approached.
22.45 It seems I am still struggling with the same problem they had, "sleeping" instead of watching and praying.
22.49-50 How often do we ask and fail to wait for the answer?
22.57 I wonder what would have happened if Peter had acknowledge being Jesus' follower.

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